The first week of not being open for business!!

So as I’m sure many of you are aware, there’s this thing called “laws.” They’re like rules, but they only apply to people who aren’t famous (see: drunk driving & hate crimes vs. Mel Gibson).

Since I’m not famous (yet), all of us working here at JordanMorningstar.com (me) including the JordanMorningstarBlog department (still just me) are patiently waiting for the government go-ahead to commence business, as per the small business laws we follow (because we’re not Mel Gibson). It’s kind of a nice downtime between paying the Manitoba Business Registration fees last week (elected mafia extortion), and the subsequent City of Winnipeg business license fees next week (baseball mafia extortion). So until then, all of us are entertaining ourselves (myself) with all the wonderful new tools we’ve acquired (before my brother notices his toolbox missing from his apartment).

Of all the new goodies we’ve come up with this week, there’s one that really stands out (because it’s the one I didn’t “borrow” when brother wasn’t looking). That’s our new back-up camera–a beautiful, almost new Nikon D70s. It’s a year or so newer than our (my) current D70s, which was originally going to be the main camera. However, after a few hours of testing along the Assiniboine river, several of us (me) agreed that this is going to be the primary camera, while Carmella–the first D70s–is now going to be the backup.

Well, having a spare camera takes care of one big issue–namely, what to do in an emergency (blame previous Liberal government, continue to destroy environment). I remember as a kid hearing about the first wedding my mother shot, back when my cousin got married in the 80’s. No, she isn’t a wedding photographer–but the paid photographer showed up, broke his camera on the first roll of film, and went home (because TiVO wasn’t invented in time to catch ‘Magnum P.I.’ marathon).

Now that there’s two pro-grade DSLR cameras in our (my) equipment vault (broom closet), there’s almost no chance our cohesive photography team (me) will have to resort to the film camera as a backup. It will still come on assignment, but the chances of that classic camera being used is very unlikely (hell will freeze before I go back to film professionally).

There’s still a few more kinks to work out before we can legally begin commerce (the business needs money). Like, designing the new line of gift cards for Valentine’s day (and getting money). Or, choosing where to spend our advertising dollar (and getting money). And of course, there’s always picking a name for the new camera (did I mention money?)

Although we strive to give respectable names to our machinery, some people have commented that our cameras have “stripper names.” We obviously disagree (‘exotic dancers’ is the preferred term), however, we’ve decided to stick with the theme for the sake of consistency (because I like strippers). So, if you think you have the perfect “stripper name” for the new camera, either comment below, on our Facebook page, or on the all-new JordanMorningstar.com MySpace page. And, if your name is the one we (I) pick, you might just get a $100 gift card for our services (or a Visa bill for my new Nikon camera)!


1 Response to “The first week of not being open for business!!”

  1. 1 vagpod
    February 14, 2008 at 7:44 pm

    ha ok! here’s a few name ideas: Carmen, Cecille, Divina, Asteriche.
    If I win your visa bill, just don’t let me know hah 😀

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