Porsche Museum & Factory Dealership, part 2

Last Thursday, I posted a few pics from the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany. And as promised, here’s the rest of the best pics from the tiny museum on the Porsche Factory grounds.

The museum itself was opened in 1975, and has a rotation of 20 cars, ranging from the first Porsche prototype to famous LeMans series race cars from more recent times. In 2005, Porsche released architectural images for a bigger museum, which is expected to be open in December of this year. The new museum is expected to feature cars that previously were not open to the public.

Porsche Museum & Factory Dealership, Stuttgart, Germany

This silver Boxster was sliced away to let people see exactly what makes a Porsche tick. At first I thought it was pretty cool, but then I began to realize that a Porsche had to die for that. I’m still traumatized….

Porsche Museum & Factory Dealership, Stuttgart, Germany

This all-wheel-drive 959 is one of three that were built to compete in the Paris-Dakar rally in 1986. After suffering three DNF’s (Did Not Finish) a year earlier, Porsche put everything they had behind these three cars, leading them to take 1st, 2nd, and 6th place–not shabby for a race that would tear even the toughest 4×4 to shreds. Supposedly, the 959 was even able to hit 150 mph on longer stretches of the race.

Porsche Museum & Factory Dealership, Stuttgart, Germany

Finally, here’s a tractor. Yes, a freakin’ tractor. Dr. Ferdinand Porsche started laying down designs for an air-cooled diesel tractor in 1934, and made three gas-powered prototypes. Later, the German government commissioned a “People’s Tractor” (volkstractor?). In 1950, the Allgaier tractor company started producing tractors using Porsche’s diesel engine design. Production continued officially until 1963, when the assembly line was re-tooled to produce engines for NATO tanks. However, a few more tractors were put together in 1964, in the open.

That’s it for Monday’s post, but come back this Thursday for more of the madness of my camera shutter!


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