Last year’s Rolling Sculpture Car Show, Canmore Alberta

We’re starting off this week with a few shots from last year’s Rolling Sculpture Car Show in Canmore, Alberta. Although the show was small, there were still a lot of really great cars (and trucks) that came out to the Rockies. Everything from brand-new limited edition Volkswagens to a phantom ’57 “El Camino” were there, against a perfect backdrop of scraggly peaks.

67 RS Camaro

This first-generation Camaro RS was so shiny, I had to put a filter on the camera to tone down the reflections–and it still didn’t take them all away.

47 Chevy Coupe

This vintage Chevy is a great throwback to an earlier, mid-80’s style of hot rod. The two-tone paint, the metallic purple, and the shaved doorhandles are all a great homage to the ZZ Top style of oldskool.

57 Phantom El Camino

Little known fact: Chevrolet built only a handful of ’57 Bel-Aire El Caminos to test the market for a luxury car-truck hybrid. And by “a handful” I mean one. And by “Chevrolet,” I mean some guy. Even the current owner (as of last summer) wouldn’t say who built this weird and wonderful machine.

67 Ford Econoline

This ’67 Ford Econoline pickup was by far one of the most popular trucks at the show. And why not? For a lot of people, it was the first time seeing an Econoline pickup cleaned up so well.

53 Chevy Coupe

And of course, the fully-restored, non-hotrodded contingent was there in full force. Although a lot of these guys (and gals) don’t always get the ink they deserve, they still put a lot of TLC into keeping their old cars in such perfect shape. Keep in mind that this car is nearly 60 years old, and could be driven on a daily basis. I’d like to see a modern car do that 60 years from now!

68 Mustang Convertible

Finally, there’s this sweet Mustang. When a car is this stunning, there’s not a lot you can say about it–so I won’t.

Don’t forget, World of Wheels is this Friday through Sunday, at the Winnipeg Convention Centre. This blog’s coverage of the show will start next Monday, with more pics going up in the weeks to come!


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