More World of Wheels!

Hey all!

As many of you know, I’m working on a book idea–namely, a book on the “car enthusiast” scene in Manitoba. It’s not exactly a small project; there’s 192 pages of content to come up with, which means thousands of pictures and lots of writing. There’s also finding a few thousand people to pre-order a copy to pay for the printing costs. Of course, the biggest hurdle is getting those thousands of books into the hands of the people who ordered it.

Then again, it’s about time the people of Manitoba were recognized for their hard work in building such a unique car culture in this province. And it’ll be fun (I hope).

So here’s the question I have for all of you: would you buy a book that records this summer’s “cruise season”? What if it showed how the events really happen, explored what really drives the community, and showed some of the amazing cars and trucks, from tuners to rat rods to fully-restored classics? Would 3,000 of you buy this book?

Anyways, leave a message below if you feel vocal about it. And don’t tell me that Winnipegers wouldn’t buy it because they’re cheap–I live here too, and I know a lot of us don’t have much money to begin with (hence the flawed perception we’re all cheap). We deserve to have a book like this, to show who we are, and what we’re really all about. If you think so too, leave a reply below or on the contact section of my website.

Paint by Uncle D\'s Airbrushing

Whatever business this ’48 Chevy business coupe was in before, it’s been reassigned to the business of looking damn good at car shows!

Winnipeg World of Wheels 2008

This ’38 Plymouth Limo was built for The Evergreen Village, in Niverville, Manitoba. The guys at Sandale Fabrication along with dozens of other skilled craftsmen (craftspeople?), poured hours into making this Chevy LT-1 powered limo such a beautiful machine.

Winnipeg World of Wheels 2008

This rusty little Ford Coupe is powered by an all-original 1947 Lincoln V12, mated to the 3-speed w/automatic “4th gear” overdrive from the same car. That big ol’ hunk of cast iron has never been restored, yet it purrs like the day Detroit assembled it 70 years ago. Same thing goes for the 3-speed transmission–including the 4th/overdrive gear that shifts automatically via an electronic doohickey. Now, if only Ford could still build’em like that!

Winnipeg World of Wheels 2008

Here’s a closer look at the engine, with even a few traces of original blue paint. The car wrapped around it is a ’43 Ford sedan, with the grill/cowl from what the owner believes to be a ’39 Chevy 1-ton truck.

That’s it for now, but come back Thursday for more automotive goodness!


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