World of Wheels!

Just when you thought I’d run out of World Of Wheels pictures, here’s a few more from the (virtual) stack I brought home with me:

Paint by Uncle D\'s

Don’t be scared; the little fella in your gas tank just wants to be friends. Well more likely, he wants to eat your brain to gain your knowledge. This was a vintage horror movie theme bike by airbrush artist Dale Lawrence, aka “Uncle D.” Although I’m not a personal fan of the “naked lady with a sword riding a unicorn” style, the artwork displayed in Uncle D’s booth was amazing enough to make me look twice.

Paint by Uncle D\'s Airbrushing

In fact, it made me look a few times. And by “a few times,” I mean “I was there for half an hour photographing two of the several bikes at his booth.” Needless to say, seeing the talent and effort that goes into these paint jobs could make you change your mind about unicorns and the naked ladies with swords who ride them…..

Paint by Uncle D\'s Airbrushing

And finally, since everyone else is getting into the celebrity gossip business, I’m jumping on the bandwagon:

Tow Mater

Ok, so he doesn’t sing like Britney, but I bet he’d do better at tractor tipping. Mater had his own booth for the kids to come by and have their picture taken with him. Several people at the show commented on the supposed fact that this replica’s running gear is either from a Ford mini-bus or a Chevy 1-ton dually. However, I still think it was really him…


2 Responses to “World of Wheels!”

  1. April 10, 2008 at 6:08 am

    Great shots.. Art is eveywhere eh?

  2. April 14, 2008 at 4:37 pm

    Great photo’s. We have the world of wheels here in indiana and it is great. I attend it every year.


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