2008 Rondex Autorama

This past weekend, the MSRA held the 2nd annual Rondex Autorama, and it turned out to be a massive event.  Three days of beautiful cars and trucks, piled into not one, but two hockey rinks (without the ice).  Best of all, it was a completely local event, hosted by the Manitoba Street Rod Association, with all proceeds going to children’s charities.

2008 Rondex Autorama

This 1960 Impala is named “California Dreamin'” but was built right here in Manitoba.  Pete Kroeker of DMK Customs in Lockport worked with legendary car builder Gene Winfield to create this white & gold masterpiece.  The car was rebuilt over a 1986 Chevy Caprice frame with air suspension, with a 350 LT1 small block engine for good measure.  The car was originally debuted at the Detroit Autorama this year, but it came home so it could put some sparkle in its home province’s eyes.

2008 Rondex Autorama

These three resto-rods came courtesy of the “Lucky Devils” car club.  Since the MSRA doesn’t have a “So Historically Accurate It Hurts” award, I’m making one up and handing it to the Ford F-100 in the background, for not only matching the paint, but painting on the name of the Esso station who first owned the truck.  First place for “Best Use Of Attitude In A Hood Ornament” goes to Peter Meier’s ’33 Ford Coupe (below).  If you own these cars, leave a comment to collect your prize.

2008 Rondex Autorama

Somewhere out there is a crazy obsessive airbrush artist.  The good news is that he was apparently painting Albert Seguin’s 1934 Ford when he went off the deep end:

2008 Rondex Autorama

The amount of detail in this paint job is amazing.  Every time you look closer, you see another flame trail or other acute detail.  Of course, the effort put into this car is more than skin-deep.  Everything from the body panels to the interior is done so well, it looks like Henry Ford himself had a hand in final assembly.

2008 Rondex Autorama

Len Holmes drove his ’38 Chevy pickup from Kleefield for the show.  The truck looks even better than the last time I saw it, especially now that he’s got the tonneau cover wrapped in black leather.

2008 Rondex Autorama

Speaking of 30’s workhorses, Josh Neufeld came with this ’37 Ford panel van.  The truck was last owned by a floor refinishing company, who unceremoniously dumped it in a scrapyard.  Josh, seeing a steel damsel in distress, came to the Ford’s rescue and created this rare street rod.
2008 Rondex Autorama

There’s rare cars, like a ’69 Camaro SS, and then there’s truly, desperately rare cars.  These two Chrysler Town & Country woodies definitely fall into the second category, with only 347 convertibles and 154 hardtops in known existence today.  Amazingly, both cars are owned by the same guy–Jack Mavins.  Let’s hope the Mavins household is termite free.

2008 Rondex Autorama

Finally, Godfrey Gottfredson’s 1967 Honda S600 is proof that it doesn’t matter what you drive–it’s what you do with it that counts.

Don’t forget to come back Wednesday for upcoming events, and to see more from this year’s Rondex Autorama!

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1 Response to “2008 Rondex Autorama”

  1. 1 Griff Gill
    May 10, 2008 at 9:43 am

    Mine is the blueberry blue ’39 Ford coupe in our “Lucky Devils” display. On behalf of Blake, Peter, & myself I like to thank you for mentioning us on the internet, Griff.

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