South Beach Casino Car Show

Yesterday, The South Beach Casino hosted their third annual car show, which has been their largest one to date.  According to rumors circling amongst the show, there were 300 cars on display, and more were turned away at the gate.

South Beach Casino Car Show

Corvette Pano 1

Corvettes abounded at the show, from several C2’s to this collection of C4’s through C7’s.  There were so many cars cramped into the show, I had to resort to photoshop trickery just to fit these six together.  Even getting this C2 convertible stuffed into one picture (below) wasn’t easy.

C2 Corvette Convertible

One of Ford’s least known options on the Model-T was the emergency push starting team. These guys jumped in to give a fellow exhibitor a hand getting his old classic started.

Tractor Pull Truck

Russel’s flamed yellow ’64 Chevy tractor-pull truck featured a homemade twin-turbo system perched on a 469ci Pontiac engine.  With the turbos pushing through a homemade 15psi wastegate and a Holley 850 carb, this puller develops anywhere from 450 to 550 horsepower.  Why didn’t Russel just buy his parts like everyone else?  “That’d cost money, and I don’t have any of that.”

“Take a picture!” the owner kept yelling at me. After all, the sight of a 1931 Pontiac Roadster is definitely a Kodak moment. The owner, Neal Hoegi, said it took him 20 years to restore this car, and has not come across a photograph of another ’31 Pontiac Roadster that entire time. Well Neal, this one’s for you!

This one had “Snowball from Hell” written on the trunk–can you see why? I didn’t find out what’s under the hood, but can’t you just imagine it rumbling away with some kind of vintage 50’s small-block?

1949 Austin Devant Saloon

Tim’s little ’49 Austin Devant Saloon might look like a classic British restoration, until he flips the one-piece hood to reveal a 355 Chevy small-block.  Tim was always a fan of the old Bobber-style drag racers, so he built his toy over 20 years ago to reflect that.  The front suspension is a combination of Monza and Corvair parts, and the rear axle is from a Chevy Monza, running 3.55 gears.  Tim’s next move is a fresh layer of paint and a new motor–which Tim claims can be done in under an hour.

Finally, the St. James Rotary Club came out with this year’s giveaway car. This stunning Impala only has 15,000 original miles, many of which came from driving around to sell tickets for it’s own giveaway. Although the bits that needed work were lovingly restored, the vast majority is still original, and virtually untouched. Proceeds from the giveaway will be divided amongst three groups: Friends of Bruce Park, Camp Manitou, and Stevenson Brittanica School for Literacy. The lucky winner will spend this summer enjoying the 327-powered cruiser, and the rest of their winters looking for something to bolt onto the car. To get in on this, google “St. James Rotary Club” or just go to the next car event.

That’s it for today, but come back Wednesday for the events calendar, and again Friday for the opening nights of Cruisin’ the Peg and Pony Corral Cruise night!

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2 Responses to “South Beach Casino Car Show”

  1. 1 Roger
    July 11, 2008 at 6:54 pm

    i hear you are having another car show this year –not the may 28th one could you let me know

  2. July 11, 2008 at 10:05 pm

    Hey Roger, I’m not the organizer of this show but South Beach Casino is doing bi-weekly Cruise Nights. For more information, stop by the site every Wednesday for the Manitoba Car Happenings to see what events are going on across the province. And thanks for leaving a comment!

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