Cloudy Skies at the Pony

The overcast weather made for a smaller than usual turnout at the Pony Corral this week.  Thankfully, there were enough hardcore car people out to make the show worthwhile.

1959 and 1960 Caddies

Late 50’s Cadilacs are a rare sight most days.  That’s why it was a real treat to see both a ’59 and a ’60 pull into the show yesterday.  Their size is eclipsed only by their coolness.

New Cadillacs

Speaking of cool caddies, these two new Cadillac Convertibles were parked next to each other at the entrance to the show.  The only difference between these twins was the Foose wheels on the far one.

At one time, this 1962 Pontiac Parisienne probably hauled a family.  Now, it hauls ass with its rat-rod inspired look.  What’s even better than the black primer and home-made flames is the leopard print interior.

If you look closely, you can even see the throw pillows in the back seat–and check out the bottle of NOS energy drink stuffed behind the console!

54 Pontiac Star Chief

As awesome as the leopard-print Parisienne is, the award this week for “So 50’s it makes Wurlitzer Jukeboxes get jealous” goes to Jonathan Kennedy and his ’54 Pontiac Star Chief.  The car was originally owned by a man in Oklahoma, who sold it to a man in Windsor, Ontario, who sold it to Jonathan and brought it to the ‘peg.

54 Pontiac Star Chief

The car still has the original flathead straight-8 engine and hydramatic transmission, although Jonathan rebuilt the motor down to the painful details.  He’s even put in a properly-shaped battery, instead of cconverting it to a modern cube-shaped battery.

54 Pontiac Star Chief

Jonathan plans on converting the front drums to disc brakes soon, and eventually paint the car.  God knows why he’d go and ruin the car’s look with a layer of shiny stuff, but hey, it’s his car.

69 Torino

Let’s close this off with John’s 1969 Ford Torino 4-door.  John’s had this black beauty for about 2.5 years, and has been showing off his car at the Pony Corral for most of that time.  You can pick out his car as the one with his mother in the front seat, and his wife in the back.  Amazingly, his mother still comes out almost every week, at almost 85 years of age!

That’s it for now, but come back Wednesday to find out what’s going on this weekend, and come back again Friday to see what’s happened over this week.  There’s the City Lights show downtown, the boat show on Pembina, and two Cruisin’ the Dubs on Tuesday.  What’ll you see by then?  There’s only one way to find out!

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