Manitoba Camaro Club Show & Shine

Yesterday was the Manitoba Camaro Club 1st Annual Show & Shine, over at the Vickar Community Chevrolet dealer.  There was a great turnout, with lots of cars–and some of them weren’t even Camaros!

67 Camaro

OK, so some of them were Camaros.  But hey, it’s the Camaro Club that organized this, so it’s only fair that they get the best parking spots (and the first pictures).  This ’67 Camaro SS had a 396 small block, full roll cage with lots of go-fast stuff inside, and gorgeous green paint.  But, the impressive part was the “Yenko Tuned” sticker on the driver’s side window.

1950 Chevy

Paul Roy’s 1950 Chevy was another impressive ride, and not just because of the model.  The little Chevy workhorse’s flames extend to the engraved valve covers and air cleaner bolted to the 350 V8 engine with 4-bolt mains.  The small-block, in turn, is attached to a TH-350 3-speed auto and a posi-trac rear.  The coolest part?  It’s for sale!  Paul’s only asking for $30k, which is pretty decent for the low mileage and proven dependability.  If you’re interested, leave a comment below and I’ll get back with the contact info.  Sorry, the brown-haired girl isn’t included.

Mer-PhySpeaking of cool trucks, this one even has a name:  “MerPhy.”  It’s a 1954 Mercury M-100 half-ton, which was only sold in Canada.  The buildup on his truck took twenty years, but it must have been worth it for the owner.  For the show, the happy little truck’s owner went so far as to attach functional drive-in speakers to both windows.

67 Rat-Bug

Parked next to it was this 1967 Volkswagen “Rat Bug.”  The teeny bug has seen extensive body mods, like the chopped roof and custom hood, to give it this overall look of awesomeness.  Just to put some icing on the cake, the little Vee-Dub was pinstriped all over in white and green.

67 Rat-Bug

Ernie The Car Lover

What would a car show be without a visit from some kind of celebrity?  Ernie made his appearance on the miror of John Ducharme’s ’41 Nash Sedan.  No word yet on the number of encores, but I gotta say there were at least 2.

That’s it for this Monday.  Don’t forget to come back Wednesday, when we’ll see more of this show, and see what’s going on in Winnipeg.  Until then, adios!

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2 Responses to “Manitoba Camaro Club Show & Shine”

  1. June 25, 2008 at 6:43 am

    Thank you so much for doing this! Awesome job!
    Have a great day!!!

  2. June 25, 2008 at 10:03 am

    You’re welcome Mary! You guys put on a really great show, I had a great time taking these pictures!

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