Cruise Night at the Pony: June 29th 2008

Cruise Night at the Pony

It’s Monday again, and that means more pictures from the car craziness of Winnipeg.  Today, we’ll look at the great turnout from yesterday’s Cruise Night at the Pony Corral.

Cruise Night at the Pony

Although the import scene wasn’t always welcome at these cruise nights, tuners like this Nissan and Cobalt SS are starting to show up on a regular basis.  The engine on the Nissan has had virtually every part replaced or tuned, except the valve covers.  No, wait, they’ve been modded, too.

Cruise Night at the Pony

Of course, you don’t have to have a really wild ride to get a spot at the Pony.  This ’88 Dodge half-ton made it in because it’s just plain clean.  The owner’s taken great pains to keep his V6-powered Ram in pristine shape, and it shows.

Cruise Night at the Pony

This 396 small-block powered ’69 Camaro SS is all original, right down to the paint.  According to the owner, it was originally built to be a drag racer, straight from the factory.  Somehow, all of it survived to end up cruising the streets of Winnipeg every weekend.

Cruise Night at the Pony

Needless to say, this Camaro isn’t so stock.  This ’67 Camaro is like the furniture at most car shows around the city–it’s always there.  The wheels, however, are a new fixture.  The change probably gained more attention at the show than anything else.

Cruise Night at the Pony

Finally, check out this bitchin’ “Yenko” Chevelle.  Everything from the big block to the roll cage to the huge tach are built to go fast, and not much else.  But really, what more do you want out of a car?

Cruise Night at the PonyThe question remains, though:  is it a real Yenko?  There’s only one way to find out….

That’s it for today, but come back Wednesday to find out what’s up for the auto-obsessed in Manitoba.  And don’t forget to stop by on Friday for more great pics and great cars!

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