Rolly’s “VolkSuzukiWagen”

If you think that the vehicles seen on this site are all for show and not go, you need to have a look at this:


This, umm, “bike” is what happens when a 1600cc Volkswagen Beetle meets a Suzuki Katana 750.  The only name I can think of calling it is a “VolkSuzukiWagen.”  Rolly, The owner/mad scientist who built it calls it a lot of fun.


It uses a completely stock 1600 cc Volkswagen motor (save for the straightpipes) with the original transaxle, rear suspension, and rear wheels.  Shifting is accomplished using the original floor-mount shifter, which now sits between the driver’s legs.  The steering works with the original forks from the ’85 Suzuki Katana, albeit through a linkage system that allows Rolly to sit further back on the mad machine.  And the beer keg?  Well, that’s now a gas tank, with a “biodegradable” fuel gage–a wooden stick dipped that’s dipped into the tank to tell how much is left.  Screw the Prius, this fully recycled wonder is what the planet really needs more of!


When Rolly took the bike down to Sturgis last year, he was completely bombarded with questions-not to mention offers to buy it or have another one built.  It got so bad, he had to jump off the bike and run every time he parked it.  Even here in the snowy city, where we aren’t as bike-crazy as Sturgis, SD, Rolly’s still the centre of attention everywhere he goes!

* * *

Since today’s the Fourth of July, I’m going to cut this short and show off some of last Tuesday’s fireworks pictures for the American readers who frequent this site.  Although all the staff (i.e., just me) are proud to call this a Canadian production, I appreciate all you folks south of the 49th Parallel taking the time to visit us on a regular basis.  Happy Independence Day!

FireworksFireworks Fireworks

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