Sorry Folks….

For all of you regular readers, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for coming back to the site every week to read the articles.  Knowing that people read and enjoy what I put up on this site makes it worth the extra time and effort, not to mention making car shows just that little bit more fun!

That said, I regret to tell everyone that today’s article won’t be up until tomorrow (Wednesday).  You see, I got married this past weekend, and according to my new wife it was more important to attend our ceremony than Sunday Night Cruise.  Sheesh, the sacrifices us married guys have to make!

Thanks to my new cousin, Alannah Bowes, for capturing this great shot of our centrepieces

But fear not, if you really need your automotive writing fix.  There’s a new article on a classic Oldsmobile 4-4-2 that you don’t want to miss, coming tomorrow.  So until then, keep it shiny side up!

**Just a quick reminder:  If you see a picture of yours or a friend’s car on this site–or any image you just plain like–you can get prints, T-shirts, Mugs and more featuring the car pictures you see here.  Click Here to find out more!


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