Free Wallpaper Friday #7

Well, OK, so Free Wallpaper Friday is supposed to happen on Friday, not Saturday after I get home from work.  My deepest apologies to anyone who was waiting for this, and I hope you weren’t too put out by it.  Unfortunately, that’s the downside of trying to meet deadlines for big projects like the first Sunday Cruise Fever book.  Which, by the way, will feature cars like this trio of vintage Datsuns:


1280×768, optimized for widescreen monitors



1024×768, optimized for regular monitors

They’re not as pricey as a big ol’ 60’s musclecar, but they’re even more awesome in the minds of the owners (and probably in the minds of other Datsun enthusiasts, too).  They’re probably a lot more rare, given that there’s only a handful of these amongst the dozens of Dodges, Oldsmobiles, Fords, Chevys, etc., that roam our streets in summertime.

But the best part of these three Datsuns?  They’ll be appearing in SundayCruiseFever.com Class of 2008.  It’s available online starting December 1st, featuring hundreds of gorgeous cars, trucks, and bikes in full colour.  And not just Datsuns, either.  Everything from Jimmy Genakis’ ’76 Cadillac Eldorado, to huge 4×4’s, to a prototype Dodge Charger.  There’s even information on the featured rides-who owns them, who built them, and what makes them go.

That’s it for today, but come back Tuesday for more awesome pictures, and maybe a story or two out of the book.  ‘Till then, keep it shiny side up!


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