More Bailout Blunders

Where's Waldo?Most people get tired of playing “Where’s Waldo?” after grade eight.  Of course, “most people” aren’t involved in the current auto industry rescue package, the bailout seen as the last stand for North America’s Big Three automakers.

For those that are involved, they now have their own version called “Where’s the Blame?”  And while Where’s Waldo provided hours of fun on the schoolbus, this game is a bit more serious.  

OK, really freakin’ serious.  Millions of jobs are at stake, meaning that millions of good paying jobs are on the line, and billions of dollars annually may disappear from the economy.  As a sidenote, the potential loss of the big three means no more GM Performance Parts, no more Ford Racing, and no more Mopar.  And when we let that happen, we’re letting  the terrorists Civic Nation win.

So let’s look at where the first stone was cast:  The politicians.  Many of the folks in Congress are opposed to the bailouts, and would love to watch the Big Three burn.  Folks such as Republican senator Richard Shelby, who promised to “slow the auto rescue plan down.”  No, not stop it or make it better, just plain slow it down.  Think of it as going to a brothel to watch the Playboy channel.

Fun fact about Richard Shelby:  He started out as a democrat, but switched parties when the Republicans started winning more elections.  He also has Hyundai, Honda, Toyota, and Mercedes-Benz factories in his state.  I’ll let you figure this one out.

But what of the other Republicans?  According to the Globe & Mail, most of the jobs lost would be in the midwest.  That’s where those pesky Democrats were all elected.  Go south of the Mason-Dixon line, where much of the opposition is coming from, and the states suddenly seem to be a brighter shade of red.  If the states controlled by the Democrats are plunged into a recession, it makes their governments easier to topple at election time.  Then again, that might lead the entire country into a deeper recession, which would make it easier for them ‘Dems to topple the Bush administration.

Now, I don’t want to come down on the politicians alone, but I also have to get my sorry butt to work, helping the good people of Gotham City spread modern society’s version of Christmas Spirit (see below).  Come back tomorrow when we’ll look at the managers and unions who run these companies, and who seem to be content letting the media put the blame on their hard working staff.  Because we all know how much respect us everyday 9-to-5’ers get these days:

See you tomorrow!


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