Top Video Wednesday #1

Are you sick of the mall yet?

Being that it’s Christmas Eve, you should be sick of the mall by now.  And if you’re not, you’re probably there right now, trying to get the last of your christmas shopping done.

Either way, you probably have some vengeful hatred going on for that chapel of consumerism known as a “Shopping Centre.”  We know that Jeremy Clarkson certainly does.  In this clip from his TV show, Top Gear, Jeremy races against a C6 Corvette through the hallways of a British mall.  In a Ford Fiesta.  Sometimes bigger isn’t better.

If that isn’t enough for you, here’s a video of Rally America racer Ken Block practicing his Gymkana.  For those of you that don’t know, Gymkana is a race of skill and grace, effectively testing the driver’s ability to maneuver around a very small course.  Often this can involved tight turns around a pylon or in and out of garages.  It’s very different from all-out rally racing, which probably means Mr. Block will have to find his own way of dealing with the unique challenge.  Let’s watch and see as he rises to the occasion:


Merry Christmas!



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