Oldschool 1934 Chevy Coupe

1934 Chevy Coupe

Longtime readers will recognize this close-up of Jim Hunter’s 1934 Chevy coupe.  It’s been featured on Free Wallpaper Friday a couple of times, and is even the cover of our first book, “Class of 2009.”  And as promised in last Friday’s Free Wallpaper, today is the day that this beautiful coupe is supposed to get its fifteen minutes of internet fame.  

Unfortunately, that would involve my trusty little pad, full of notes on the technical and historical aspects of the black beauty on your computer screen.  The same notepad I left on my coffee table at home before driving three hours away to my family’s farm.

1934 Chevy Coupe

Since there’s not much I can tell you about this specific ’34 Chevy Coupe today, you’ll just have to come back tomorrow to learn what Jim has done to make this Chevy his own.  Until then, here’s some quick facts about the great cars that Chevy built that year.

This specimen appears to be the “Standard” edition, part of Chevrolet’s groundbreaking concept to make an entry-level and an upscale car, both under the same nameplate.  The Standard was, of course, the everyday version of the car, sporting a 107″ wheelbase and 68 horsepower motor.  If you were to splurge on the Master version, that wheelbase was stretched to 112″ with 80 horsepower under the hood.  At the time, it was one of the more powerful cars on the road.  In fact, it was enough to make General Motors use the engine size as a marketing slogan:  “Eighty MPH from 80 Horsepower.”

1934 Chevy Coupe

Oddly enough, the Master far outsold the Standard.  452,412 Chevy Masters made it onto the streets in 1934, while only 98,959 copies of the Standard made it out the factory doors.  However, the difference in price was fairly minimal-Standards started at $465, while the Master started at only $540-not a huge difference for a decent jump in size and power.

1934 Chevy Coupe

That’s unfortunately the end for today.  Visit this space tomorrow, when this article will get stretched to its full size-and when I have my notes on what makes this car tick.  And if that doesn’t do it for ya, there’s always Top Video Wednesdays, Hottie Wheels on Thursdays, and Free Wallpaper Friday to satisfy your automotive information cravings.


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