Top Video Wednesday

A couple weeks ago, a thread was started on the Frieburger’s Junkyard forum about guilty pleasures when it comes to cars.  When I tried to throw my two cents in the ring (well, it’s an American forum, so my Canadian pennies only amounted to 1.4 cents), I only had one guilty pleasure to admit to:  dirty, mud covered 4×4 trucks at car shows.

Honestly, any shmuck can polish up their truck-or have someone else do it for you.  And almost any pretty boy can take their Silverado and a pile of cash to the nearest custom truck shop.  But it takes a real pickup truck person to risk life, limb, and the chance at winning a trophy or shiny little dash plaque for the thrill of getting a truck splattered in filth from bumper to bumper.

That being said, here’s looking at some of the baddest-ass trucks around.  They aren’t always pretty, but like a real truck they’ll take a beating and beg for more.

First up, video evidence from our friends heroes at Top Gear that Toyota trucks are like the first zombie in every good horror movie-there might be a way to kill it, but damned if anyone can figure it out. 

Second up is footage from previous Paris-Dakar rallies.  Now, I know what you’re thinking-you see those ‘suped up SUVs on television, heavily modified versions of what your snooty soccer mom neighbor drives to her scrapbooking class at Michaels.

And I know you’re horribly wrong.  These are the real trucks-the T4 and T5 class racers.  Big enough to carry ten of your neighbor’s Porsche Cayennes, yet fast enough to humiliate it pulling out of the country club parking lot (or just plain running it over)

And finally, we have the valiant effort.  You have to admire the guy’s courage–because you can’t admire his smarts.


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