Top Video Wednesday

There was an American football game on TV a while back, called the Super, ummm, something.  SuperBad?  SuperBread?  Superbowling?  Maybe it wasn’t football.  The field had all the astroturf and lines, but it looked awfully small to my Canadian eyes.

However, there were some cool ads, one of which has created a bit of buzz amongst movie lovers.  That ad was the sneak peak for Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen.

There’s not much to be gained from watching this trailer.  We can see Shia LeBouf is back, and some sort of monstrous unicycle looks like one of the bad guys.  The suspense is almost too much for those of us who loved the first movie.

And that’s what is so great about the internet.  Instead of waiting for the next trailer to come out and reveal another plot point, we can just spend a few more moments searching on Youtube.

The accuracy of this trailer might be questionable;  footage from the original trailer and some high-end CGI give it a lot of credibility.  Sadly, all that is lost in an instant as broken english scrolls across the screen.  Misspelled subtitles don’t help either.

However, there’s a chance that this trailer is legit.  One of South Korea’s largest exports is their Hollywood-quality animation.  Most of the Simpson’s movie was made there, as well as many of the prime-time cartoons on TV.  Co-incidentally, their chief import seems to be english teachers.  Put the two together, and you may just have a CGI-trailer from South Korea, waiting for a Manhattan ad agency to drop in the right words.

As for the “official” plot, director Michael Bay has announced that a second trailer will be revealed this Friday, revealing most of the overall concept.  Let’s hope that it keeps up the “epic as a sipheronimous” battle concept from the first movie, and doesn’t go too far into exploring a human side.  It didn’t exactly work for Arnie when the Terminator suddenly developed feelings and a personality in T2, and unbreakable human loyalty in T3.  Even though Autobots and Decepticons would probably make great friends, two deadly robots chatting around the oil cooler don’t make for a great movie.


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