Top Video Wednesday

Al Gore may blow (recycled) goats, but sometimes the greenies are on to something.  Like electric cars.  Granted, they’re not perfect-moderate range, long recharge times, rotten hippy kids leaning on your fender, etc.  But when it comes to a practical set of daily driving wheels, comedy legend Rick Mercer thinks the Canadian-built ZENN city car is the ultimate ride.

Now, just because these cars are incredibly practical and good for the environment, that’s not to say they’re for complete pussies.  There’s an entire generation of electric supercars hitting the road now, from the ultra-rare Venturi Fetish (the result of Monaco’s entire car industry) to the much-hyped Tesla Roadster.  But before that there was the T-Zero, the original electric supercar from AC Propulsion.  Although production was limited to four (only three were sold) they were a first peek at the freakin’ awesomeness of electric drives.

Here’s a (crappy) clip of the T-Zero beating a Ferarri.  And by “beating” I mean in a rather “mafia hitman with a baseball bat” kinda way.


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