Top Video Wednesday

SeaFoam Motor Treatment is God’s gift to engines.  There’s almost no problem that can’t be solved with a half-can of SeaFoam and a video camera to capture the impending smoke show.

There’s so many reasons why your auto technician would use seafoam, as listed on their website:

“When your vehicle has a rough idle, hesitates, stalls, pings or has an after run problem – Your service technician can offer a reasonably priced fuel systems cleaning with the use of SEA FOAM products to solve these carbon problems.”

“When moisture needs to be removed from fuels or an anti gel or de-icer is needed.  These conditions are due to condensation in the fuel tank and extreme cold weather creating gas line freeze or diesel fuel gelling – Your service technician can recommend the use of SEA FOAM MOTOR TREATMENT in the fuel tanks to dry moisture and cure these problems.”

When it’s Friday night, you’re bored, you can’t go cruising because the cops keep pulling you over, and no one will pull beer for your sorry, underage ass – Your service technician (AKA your buddy whose famous last words will someday be “hey, y’all watch this!) will recommend scoring a can of SEA FOAM MOTOR TREATMENT from the 24-hour Wal-Mart and waiting until the parking lot security guard goes back inside.

Like what you see?  Check out the big-steel madness on my other site, Old Macdonalds Iron.  And if you’re one of those people who think these things are silly and immature, go to hell.  Everyone else should check out this Mustang


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