Music to cruise by…

The sound of that big hunk o’ gas-powered metal under the hood might be the sweetest sound to excite your adrenal glands, but it can get a bit monotonous after a while-especially for non-gearhead significant others.  So as a public service, us here at SundayCruiseFever.com have searched every nook and cranny for the best in cruisin’ tunes.  And when we couldn’t find anything there, we turned to YouTube.

First up is the Brian Setzer classic, “Drive like Lightning, Crash like Thunder:”

Brian Setzer got his start with the Stray Cats back in 1980.  Despite their awesomeness, success didn’t come easy for the three-piece rockabilly sound.  People were still coming down from Disco, making it damn near impossible to break into the American music scene without a good pair of bell bottoms.  The trio moved the band to Jolly Old England, where they met up with a producer, made a few albums, and (ironically) started to get attention back home in the USA.  The stray cats would break up in 1984, leaving Setzer to experiment at every end of the musical scale-from more mainstream rock, to the Brian Setzer Orchestra, and even lending his signature style to classical music on the album “Wolfgang’s Big Night Out.” 

Next, we have local boys “The Rippers.”  Or, at least, local to our production office.

They’ve been playing bars, clubs, and the front lawn of Landmark Collegiate high school for the last couple of years, and have finally released a full-length album this past year.  They’re currently touring Western Canada in support of the album, taking their unique sound to all the really cool bars across the prairies.

Finally, we’ve got a shameless plug for our first book, “Class of 2009.”  If you’re into beautiful rides that real, actual people built with their bare hands this book is for you.  Almost all the pictures were taken at outdoor car shows, cruise nights, and random shopping mall parking lots, meaning that every machine was driven to the venue it was displayed at-there’s no trailer queens, and nothing that can’t move under it’s own power.  We’ll be taking pre-orders very soon, and there might just be something special for the first few people to put their order money down.

Hungry for more?  Check out the action at the first show of the 2009 cruising season, World of Wheels.  Or for something more educational, check out our “Hot Rod History” series, starting with History of the Corvette, Part 1.

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