Top Video Wednesday

We’ve all heard the news that Pontiac took the axe over the weekend, and seen all the usual “Oh my god, the world’s going to end!” news coverage of our latest loss.  Although a few car clubs will be a little disappointed, the end of Pontiac doesn’t mean the planet will blow up, much to the chagrin of some doomsday cults.

However, it does represent a major change in our automotive history.  Once again, another legendary car brand is falling prey to hard times, and we car fanatics are left standing by the side of the road, watching the taillights shrink into the horizon for the last time.

With that in mind, we’re taking a look back today at the TV commercials for some of the greatest Pontiac muscle cars.  First up, the oldest commercial we could dig up on YouTube.  This one dates back to 1940, before they figured out how long a commercial is supposed to be (hence the links for parts 2 through 6)

“Pontiac for Pride & Performance, Part 2”

“Pontiac for Pride & Performance, Part 3”

“Pontiac for Pride & Performance, Part 4”

“Pontiac for Pride & Performance, Part 5”

“Pontiac for Pride & Performance, Part 6”

Things started to get shorter as the 40’s progressed, with this sampling from 1946.  It’s still too long for one video, but it’s getting there.


By the time the 60’s rolled around, TV ads-especially for Pontiac-were starting to get more modern.  There was great cinematography, driving on a road you’re not allowed on, and a custom-made rock song courtesy of Paul Revere & The Raiders:


In the 70’s, cold war paranoia was making bad spy movies more and more popular by the second.  Pontiac’s advertising department was more than happy to show their role in neutralizing the red threat.


Then the 80’s came, and it was time to RAWK!!


The 90’s came along, and with it a new F-body, with more aggressive styling and attitude-and TV spots to match:


Finally, the new millennium came to being, leading the continent into greater social change and awareness.  In this case, it’s being made aware that the Toyota Rattlebucket Pontiac Vibe has four doors.  As pointed out by a talented rapper that no one in the correct target market has heard of.  With blatant insults to our collective intelligence like this, I can’t imagine how GM got into their mess.


But amongst all the guaranteed “excitement-free or your money back” ads, a faint glimmer of hope sparkled.  A faint glimmer in the form of a V8-powered sports sedan with more cojones than anything else in its class.  And when it came time to advertise, they put their crack team of middle-aged video game addicts to work producing the coolest 31 seconds of television ever attributed to the Pontiac brand:


That’s it for today, but check out some other ads from the past starring The Incredible Crash Test Dummies.  Or if you want a video you can actually sit back & watch, have a look at Madonna’s first, last and only appearance here on SundayCruiseFever.com.  And when that’s done, come check out our Facebook page-you can connect with other gearheads, share pictures of your own ride, and find out when the  newest stories come up!


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