Starting Small-’32 Ford 3-Window Coupe

As long-time readers know, we’re pretty big toy car nerds over here.  In fact, the SundayCruiseFever.com bonus system is based on Hot Wheels-whenever we hit a new record for most visits per day and/or per week, it’s off to Superstore to put another one on the mantle.

'32 Ford 3-window hi-boy

That’s why we’re so in love with John Dubois’ Chevy-powered ’32 Ford 3-window coupe.  It’s not just the fact that this deuce mixes 90’s wild style with modern taste, or the fact that it’s built so well the trunk could pass for being in a German luxury car.  The reason why this car gets us starry-eyed is that it started out from a toy picked up from Wal-Mart.


Looking for a great read about a great car?  Check this article out in the new & improved SundayCruiseFever.com!  Not only are the pictures bigger and better, our new website is jam-packed with more goodness than, ummm, something stuffed with jam.  See you there!


1 Response to “Starting Small-’32 Ford 3-Window Coupe”

  1. May 9, 2009 at 8:20 pm

    Hey Jordan,

    Thanks for the invite… we do have an appointment earlier in the evening on Saturday, but I’ll try to make it down there later on.

    All the best and many happy sales!


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