Tunes for the Cruise

The Darkness was one of the craziest, weirdest, and most fun bands on the radio in the early part of the decade.  Fronted by rather flamboyant singer Justin Hawkins, The Darkness entered North American rock radio at a time that was dominated by serious, heavy sounds like Linkin Park and Metallica, giving them a reputation as “the band who made Rock fun again.”

As can be seen from this video, the band certainly lived up to their reputation.  It seemed as if The Darkness were a satirical take on earlier rock bands, like Spinal Tap but with talent.

Sadly, addiction problems for Hawkins meant ditching the band, who went on to form “Stone Gods,” while Hawkins went on to form “Hot Leg.”  Although both bands have released new albums, neither has fought a giant crab (see above).

Like what you heard?  Check out some of our past recommendations, like the Reverend Horton Heat or Brian Setzer and The Ripperz.  Or sign up for the Facebook page.  It’s a great way to show off your car, or even just your car pictures.  Not to mention it’s a sneaky way to challenge me at Speed Racing.  Bring on the virtual racing, slowpoke! 


2 Responses to “Tunes for the Cruise”

  1. 1 blasterhappy
    May 23, 2009 at 3:03 pm

    Being a teenager in the 80s this was my kind of music. When I first heard these guys in 2002 – 2003 I was floored and couldn’t believe it. They are very talented but didn’t seem to take themselves seriously and I don’t think that people did either. It’s a shame that singer had some pipes and could hit the highs with no prob at all. You don’t hear stuff like that today and to tell you the truth I kind of miss it. One of my all time favs is Slaughter. Mark Slaughter has a retro 80s super group called Scrap Metal that is currently touring and I heard they are awesome.

    Check this out #1 Ballad from Vinnie Vincent w/Mark Slaughter:

    • May 25, 2009 at 1:33 pm

      Growing up in a secluded farming town, this ended up being my kinda music, too. The only rock station around was more of a “we couldn’t afford to buy Top 40 music, so here’s some crappy cassettes we found in a dumpster out back” kinda station. The only alternative was listening to my brother’s Motley Crue and Warrant CDs, or learning not to hate Billy Ray Cyrus v1.0. My Achey Breaky Heart is still recovering from those days…..

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