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Class_of_2009If you’re here looking to order yourself a copy of “Class of 2009,” you’re in luck;  we’ve got a line on the elusive genius who wrote this amazing work of art (HINT:  it’s me).  If you’re into shopping online, shopping in a store, or shopping by coming to Winnipeg to buy it directly from me, Click on the image to your right!


Random Thursday-Home Built Hybrid edition

According to a recent review by Jeremy Clarkson, the new Honda Insight still blows goats.

Three baby goats.  Honda's Insight blows goats.  Coincidence?(not pictured:  Honda hybrid car’s optional goat blowing attachment)

The amazing part of this crappy car is that none of it is really new technology.  Granted, there’s apparently some sort of newfangled “tree” that grows more leaves as you drive slower and slower.  Well, that and growing middle fingers in your rear-view mirror from all the traffic you’re holding up as you crawl along the road.

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Happy birthday to Miss Lou Motor Mafia!

A few hundred miles south of where this site is created, you’ll find a part of Louisiana rich with beautiful scenery and even more beautiful cars.  It’s a fertile land, ripe for the creation of another great website named Miss Lou Motor Mafia.

The brainchild of Trey “Blasterhappy” Frederick, it’s a great resource for anyone who’s into cars, pin-up girls, and history.  Trey’s insight and his personal commentary on the local Louisiana ‘scene make for a great read, and great entertainment.

To find out if the hype is true (it is!) click on the image below and find out for yourself!

Miss Lou Motor Mafia


SundayCruiseFever in Willy’s Garage!

We actually made the paper, and not for something bad!  Click on the image below to read what Willy’s Garage had to say about the book, this site, and this site’s mildly-fearless leader:





It’s Here!


I just got a phone call this morning from the good folks at Friesen’s printing (the great people putting the book to paper) that a truck has just left the plant to drop off the finished product.  In other words, the book is finally available!

If you want to be one of the first proud owners of a copy, leave a message below and I’ll email you back right away.  Delivery times may vary, as I will officially be more busy than a one-legged man at a butt-kicking contest.  However, if you want to look before you leap, keep it tuned to this website, or subscribe to my Twitter feed (just to the right) and you’ll be kept in the loop as to when & where the book pops up.  And now, back to our regularly scheduled hot rodding…


Chrysler to file for bankruptcy

Plymouth 'Cuda

According to the BBC, Chrysler is slated to begin filing for bankruptcy today.  The news came after negotiations between Chrysler and its creditors fell apart late last night, with creditors turning down an offer for $2 billion in cash, in exchange for the $6.9 billion that Chrysler owed to its major lenders.  Although 70% of creditors were in favour of the deal, a small minority of hedge funds stood in the way.  A deal had to be reached by midnight tonight (April 30th, 2009) in order to qualify for the next round of government loans.

President Obama claims that this won’t be the end of the ill-fated pentastar brand, saying that Chrysler will emerge from bankruptcy as a stronger company.  In fact, Chrysler may actually gain from Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings, with creditors getting even less than the $2 bn. previously on the table.2009 Dodge Challenger Police Car

The bankruptcy is just one more blow to the Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep brand, with Daimler recently giving up its final 19% stake in the company, and writing down the last of Chrysler’s debts owed to them.  Daimler called this the final separation between the two firms.

It is now up to company brass to entice Fiat into picking up 20% of the company.  This would give the Fiat group, whose products range from Ferrari supercars to Case-New Holland farm equipment, better access to the North American market, while giving Chrysler access to Fiat’s expertise in building small cars.

via BBC

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Mater Gits’r Done

According to the fine folks at Jalopnik, Larry the Cable Guy went into the studio this past Wednesday to start recording his part for “Cars II.”  Now I’m not a huge fan of Larry (except for that “Git’r Done!” line) but this is one gig of his that we’re pretty stoked about.  We’ll be even more stoked on June 24th, 2011, when Mater and Lighting McQueen travel the world and, umm, do stuff…  in 3-D!

Mater at World of Wheels 2008Tow Mater himself, making a cameo appearance at World of Wheels 2008

I’m probably not the only one getting excited by a Cars sequel-even if it’s over two years away.  The owners of these two machines have been showing their anticipation since the Manitoba Camaro Club Show & Shine last year.

"Murphy" the MercuryMurphy the Mercury at the 2008 Camaro Club Show & Shine

Early Rat BugEarly version of Cari Knox’s Rat Bug, at last year’s Gimli swap meet

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