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Gil Rodger’s 1949 Chevy at our new website!

If you’re here looking for your weekly dose of hot rod awesomeness, go somewhere else.

Not to be rude, but we have officially moved to a new web host, and with it a new web server.  We’ve still got the great things you’ve come to expect from us-stunning pictures, witty commentary, and even the occasional beautiful woman.  However, we’re also (slowly) adding new features that we can’t do here;  things like an online store to order copies of our new book, easier-to-access archives, and much, much more that we haven’t figured out how to do yet.

To visit the new site (and check out this week’s article on Gil Rodger’s 1949 Chevy Kustom coupe) click here or on the image below to be whisked away to an all-new  While you’re there, enjoy the new design and layout-just don’t forget to bookmark our new home on the web.

Gil Rodger's 1954 Chevy Kustom Coupe

If we haven’t said it before, thanks for visiting (we really do appreciate it) and we look forward to seeing you at the new!


History of the Camaro, part 2

While the first generation gets all the glory in car magazines and eBay auctions, it was the second-generation of Camaro that General Motors truly put their heart & soul into.  Although it was still a unibody with sub-frames, the new pony car was built longer, lower and fatter than the previous generation, with aerodynamic styling inspired by much more expensive European sportscars.  Of course, being a good ol’ American-built machine, they had to add a slightly more aggressive touch to the elegant styling-namely, a front grill that’s going to eat you.


The new hardtop-only machine screamed across dealer lots in February of 1970, with engine options ranging from an economical 250-cubic inch 6-cylinder producing a respectable 155 horsepower, to the all-powerful 396 big-block with 375 horsepower.  Chevy kept many of the packages and options from the previous generation, including the RS, SS, and Z/28 packages, the latter of which came with an early version of the LT-1 350 ci small-block engine.  It was indeed a powerful beginning to what should have been a powerful series of cars.

Want to read the rest of this article!  Click Here to visit the all new!  We’ve got all the same content, but in a much better looking (and easier to navigate) package.  Check it out today!


First Official Cruise Night of 2009

Spring has (kinda) sprung, and that means it’s time for cruising season to finally get underway!

Despite the cold, wind, and even raindrops at one point, dozens of amazing vehicles turned out.  There were the usual suspects of Camaros, ‘Cudas, and Mustangs in full force, as could be expected.  But what couldn’t be expected were some of the new recruits to the cruising scene, including a relatively rare ’58 Nomad wagon, and a Pontiac 8-door airport limo.

First Cruise Night of Summer, May 17th 2009

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Class of 2005-Sneak Preview #5!

**UPDATE** Our fearless retailer, McNally Robinson, is now stocking “Class of 2009” in their online store.  Click Here to order today!


After weeks of hard work behind the scenes (and one week of teasing here on this site), today is the big day-the official launch of our first book, “Class of 2009”!

For anyone who can make it through the snow (yes, it is currently snowing in Winnipeg as I write this) the launch party is at the Pony Corral restaurant’s downtown location, with the doors opening at 7pm.  You can buy a book and get it signed all night, not to mention getting the chance to draw for one of our exclusive line of Hot Wheels toys.  These little cars aren’t available in stores, and we’re sure not selling’em-you have to come down, buy a book, and take your chance at winning one.  And if you don’t win?  Well, you’ll be stuck with a book full of pictures like this:

Helene Kuhl's little red 1st-generation CorvetteHelene Kuhl’s little red 1st-generation Corvette at Altona MB’s “Car Show in the Park”

'63 Split-Window CorvetteAn original ’63 split-window Corvette.  It would be the only year for extravagances such as the faux-hood vents and split rear window.

'64 Corvette engineThe impeccably-clean 327-cubic inch small-block V8 engine from a ’64 Corvette.

24 hours of LeMans & 50th Anniversary C5's

A 24 hours of LeMans special edition and a 50th Anniversary special edition C5 Corvette pose for pictures behind the Manitoba legislature buildings.

Ford F700This Ford F-700 was once a derelict, abandoned Manitoba Hydro work truck. Now it’s the biggest thing at cruise night…

International Pickup TruckNow a small part of a smaller part of the big Italian company that owns Ferarri, International was once a proud builder of pickup trucks like Wayne Linkon’s guitar hauler.

Early 40's Chevy truckThe 1940’s saw the Chevrolet truck division get their longest option list yet-three choices of engine, and two transmissions.

Cruise Night Comes to an EndWhen the sun starts to dip, it’s time to wrap up another Sunday’s cruising and head home.

That’s it for today, but don’t forget to come down to the Pony Corral tonight at 7pm.  Even if you don’t pick up a copy of the book, it’s a great opportunity to meet other gearheads, and have a good time at a great restaurant.  And if you do plan on picking up another copy, it’s probably the most “glamorous” way to get yourself a signed copy of the book!

Haven’t had enough?  Check out our Facebook page to catch up on some of the great show coverage, and see what other readers are driving.  And if you want to be the first to catch our updates, come stalk follow us on twitter:  Until next time, please cruise responsibly!


Ordering “Class of 2009” online!

**UPDATE!**  Our retailer, McNally Robinson, is now stocking “Class of 2009” in their online store.  Click Here to order now!

If you’re here looking to order our first book “Class of 2009” online, we’ve got some bad news:  Our online retailer is still in the process of uploading the book to their website, which means you’ll just have to sit tight for now.

The good news is that if you leave a message below, we’ll give you a shout as soon as the link is up and running, so you can get your copy ordered and in your hands ASAP.  Or if you don’t want to be bothered with e-mails, follow us at to get the skinny on online ordering.

Of course, there’s always buying it the “elegant way” (as our friend Jay Bourke puts it) at the official book launch tomorrow night:


Launch Party Invitation


Class of 2009-Sneak Peek #4

**UPDATE** Our fearless retailer, McNally Robinson, is now stocking “Class of 2009” in their online store.  Click here to order your copy today!

It’s not just older cars that get their day in our book, “Class of 2009.”  With the number of motorcycles and recent-model cars running around, it’s hard to imagine any attempt to document the cruising scene without covering these two genres:

Evel Dave Radey's Harley Davidson“Evel Dave” Radey not only rides an Evel Kneivel-themed Harley, he also has the matching Stars & Stripes leather riding suit.

Pinstriped Harley DavidsonIt’s not just cars that are benefitting from the old-skool movement; bikes like this Harley take on a new kind of beauty in flat black and pinstripes.

Rolly's Volks-Suzu-WagenRolly’s, ummmm, “creation” is the bastard love child of a Volkswagen, a Suzuki Katana, and a beer keg.  It was so popular at Sturgis that he had to run every time he parked it, so as not to get mobbed constantly.

Uncle D's AirbrushingThis is just one sample of the awesome work by Uncle D’s Airbrushing.  The local artist is well-known for his crazy medieval fantasy-inspired murals.

2009 Dodge ChallengerThis pre-production model 2009 Dodge Challenger was driven coast-to-coast at least twice to promote A&W’s “Cruisin’ the Dub” cruise nights.  Roger Barnes (centre) was the car’s caretaker for last summer, giving him the coolest babysitting gig of the year.

Mercury Topaz Hot RodIs this Mercury Topaz a hot rod?  Most surveys point to yes…

Supercharged Impala SSThis mid-’90s Impala SS was a stunning version of its ugly-duckling Chevy Caprice cousin.  Sadly, when the Impala SS was brought back earlier in this decade, there was no available LT-1 V8 engine option, like the one in this supercharged beauty.

Pony Corral Cruise NightsThat’s it for today, but there’s lots more to be had in the book, “Class of 2009.”  You can now pick it up at McNally Robinson, you can win it by listening to Power 97.5 fm, or you can do it the glamorous way-come out to the Pony Corral tomorrow night and get your copy from me personally at the official book launch, at the Pony Corral restaurant’s downtown location, 444 St. Mary Avenue, Winnipeg MB.  Not only can you get your book signed, but you’ll have a chance to win one of our limited-edition exclusive “Class Of 2009”-branded Hot Wheels.  These special miniatures will never be available in stores, and I’m not selling them-therefore, the only way to get’em is to win’em.  And the only way to win’em is to buy a copy of Class of 2009!


Starting Small-’32 Ford 3-Window Coupe

As long-time readers know, we’re pretty big toy car nerds over here.  In fact, the bonus system is based on Hot Wheels-whenever we hit a new record for most visits per day and/or per week, it’s off to Superstore to put another one on the mantle.

'32 Ford 3-window hi-boy

That’s why we’re so in love with John Dubois’ Chevy-powered ’32 Ford 3-window coupe.  It’s not just the fact that this deuce mixes 90’s wild style with modern taste, or the fact that it’s built so well the trunk could pass for being in a German luxury car.  The reason why this car gets us starry-eyed is that it started out from a toy picked up from Wal-Mart.


Looking for a great read about a great car?  Check this article out in the new & improved!  Not only are the pictures bigger and better, our new website is jam-packed with more goodness than, ummm, something stuffed with jam.  See you there!

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