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Happy birthday to Miss Lou Motor Mafia!

A few hundred miles south of where this site is created, you’ll find a part of Louisiana rich with beautiful scenery and even more beautiful cars.  It’s a fertile land, ripe for the creation of another great website named Miss Lou Motor Mafia.

The brainchild of Trey “Blasterhappy” Frederick, it’s a great resource for anyone who’s into cars, pin-up girls, and history.  Trey’s insight and his personal commentary on the local Louisiana ‘scene make for a great read, and great entertainment.

To find out if the hype is true (it is!) click on the image below and find out for yourself!

Miss Lou Motor Mafia


History of the Camaro, part 2

While the first generation gets all the glory in car magazines and eBay auctions, it was the second-generation of Camaro that General Motors truly put their heart & soul into.  Although it was still a unibody with sub-frames, the new pony car was built longer, lower and fatter than the previous generation, with aerodynamic styling inspired by much more expensive European sportscars.  Of course, being a good ol’ American-built machine, they had to add a slightly more aggressive touch to the elegant styling-namely, a front grill that’s going to eat you.


The new hardtop-only machine screamed across dealer lots in February of 1970, with engine options ranging from an economical 250-cubic inch 6-cylinder producing a respectable 155 horsepower, to the all-powerful 396 big-block with 375 horsepower.  Chevy kept many of the packages and options from the previous generation, including the RS, SS, and Z/28 packages, the latter of which came with an early version of the LT-1 350 ci small-block engine.  It was indeed a powerful beginning to what should have been a powerful series of cars.

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Hottie Wheels: Christopher Allison

Today’s pin-up girl comes to us compliments of San Diego photography maestro Christopher Allison.

"Maggie," as shot by Christopher Allison, copyright Christopher Allison Photography

Christopher’s been shooting semi-pro (read: family portraits) for five years now, but only started doing pinups in the last two years.  As can be seen, his work has been inspired and influenced by car shows, something made evident by the way Christopher balances the car and the model within the frame.  Recently, his work has started appearing in calendars, magazines, and model’s portfolios, as well as being followed by hundreds of people on Flickr.

If you agree with us that Mr. Allison is on the up & up, check out his website (Click Here) and add him as a contact on Flickr (Click Here).  If this is what he’s capable of in a couple years of shooting Pin-Up, just imagine where he’ll be in a couple more years!

Like what you read?  Check out some of the work by our close friend PJ at Appleblossom Photography.  Or for something closer to home, have a look at local guy Jay Bourke and his beautiful mix of women, bikinis, and Mopars.  And don’t forget to come back tomorrow for The Big Article-History of the Camaro part 2!


Tunes for the Cruise

The Darkness was one of the craziest, weirdest, and most fun bands on the radio in the early part of the decade.  Fronted by rather flamboyant singer Justin Hawkins, The Darkness entered North American rock radio at a time that was dominated by serious, heavy sounds like Linkin Park and Metallica, giving them a reputation as “the band who made Rock fun again.”

As can be seen from this video, the band certainly lived up to their reputation.  It seemed as if The Darkness were a satirical take on earlier rock bands, like Spinal Tap but with talent.

Sadly, addiction problems for Hawkins meant ditching the band, who went on to form “Stone Gods,” while Hawkins went on to form “Hot Leg.”  Although both bands have released new albums, neither has fought a giant crab (see above).

Like what you heard?  Check out some of our past recommendations, like the Reverend Horton Heat or Brian Setzer and The Ripperz.  Or sign up for the Facebook page.  It’s a great way to show off your car, or even just your car pictures.  Not to mention it’s a sneaky way to challenge me at Speed Racing.  Bring on the virtual racing, slowpoke! 


Top Video Wednesday

It’s been seven long years, but Chevy has finally come to their senses and brought the Camaro back!

And not just any random car with the Camaro badge, either-425 thoroughbred with the big V8 option, rear-wheel-drive, and styling that combines the best of the first- and second-generation pony cars.   Even the mileage is decent-23 miles per gallon with the same motor, almost twice as much as the $100,000+ Jaguar XJR convertible.

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First Official Cruise Night of 2009

Spring has (kinda) sprung, and that means it’s time for cruising season to finally get underway!

Despite the cold, wind, and even raindrops at one point, dozens of amazing vehicles turned out.  There were the usual suspects of Camaros, ‘Cudas, and Mustangs in full force, as could be expected.  But what couldn’t be expected were some of the new recruits to the cruising scene, including a relatively rare ’58 Nomad wagon, and a Pontiac 8-door airport limo.

First Cruise Night of Summer, May 17th 2009

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SundayCruiseFever in Willy’s Garage!

We actually made the paper, and not for something bad!  Click on the image below to read what Willy’s Garage had to say about the book, this site, and this site’s mildly-fearless leader:




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