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Class_of_2009If you’re here looking to order yourself a copy of “Class of 2009,” you’re in luck;  we’ve got a line on the elusive genius who wrote this amazing work of art (HINT:  it’s me).  If you’re into shopping online, shopping in a store, or shopping by coming to Winnipeg to buy it directly from me, Click on the image to your right!


Ordering “Class of 2009” online!

**UPDATE!**  Our retailer, McNally Robinson, is now stocking “Class of 2009” in their online store.  Click Here to order now!

If you’re here looking to order our first book “Class of 2009” online, we’ve got some bad news:  Our online retailer is still in the process of uploading the book to their website, which means you’ll just have to sit tight for now.

The good news is that if you leave a message below, we’ll give you a shout as soon as the link is up and running, so you can get your copy ordered and in your hands ASAP.  Or if you don’t want to be bothered with e-mails, follow us at to get the skinny on online ordering.

Of course, there’s always buying it the “elegant way” (as our friend Jay Bourke puts it) at the official book launch tomorrow night:


Launch Party Invitation


Class of 2009-Sneak Preview #3


**UPDATE** Our fearless retailer, McNally Robinson, is now stocking “Class of 2009” in their online store.  Click Here to order your copy today!

There’s some good news for anyone looking for a convenient way to get their hands on our first book, “Class of 2009.”  McNally Robinson booksellers has agreed to carry this title at their Polo Park and Grant Park stores, as well as their online store.  We’ll have links up as soon as everything is ready to go, making it easier to purchase the book for anyone who can’t make it to a car show or cruise night around Winnipeg.

And now, on to the pictures!

Dodge Musclecars

Kyle's "Blue Flame" Camaro

Paulo Callisto's 1965 Mustang FastbackThis is Paulo Callisto’s super-sleeper 1965 Mustang Fastback.  Everything about this car screams awesome, including the cast-iron modular V8 engine that makes up to 825 horsepower.  Even the subdued grey paint is the same Aston-Martin silver used on several James Bond cars.

Harold Hiebert's 1968 Dodge ChallengerThere’s two kinds of 1968 Dodge Chargers-those that are painted like the General Lee, and those that aren’t.  Harold Hiebert’s vinyl-top beauty definitely isn’t.

Godzilla TorinoThe vanity plate on this Ford Gran Torino sums up the attitude of this big-engined beast.

Three Wise DatsunsThe three wise Datsuns line up against a beautiful prairie sunset at a Pony Corral cruise night.

Pete Kroeker's "California Dreaming"This is Pete Kroeker’s soon-to-be legendary “California Dreaming” 1960 Impala.  Currently in California, the car was painted by none other than Gene Winfield, one of the greatest hot rod builders of our time.

1973 AMC Gremlin XAccording to the sales brochure, ” In 1973, you can  have a fun ride in a compact car.”  According to the owner of this little yellow beast, you can have fun in a compact every day.

Mario BelcikMario Belcik’s 1964 Impala SS lowrider jumps around in ways Kangaroos could only dream of.  Pictured here at the now-demolished Midway Chrysler-Dodge dealer.

That’s it for today, but don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more teasers from “Class of 2009.”  After all, this is only a sample of what you get-just imagine what the rest of the book looks like!

Don’t forget to join the official Facebook group.  It’s a great way to meet fellow gearheads & share pictures and now see exclusive car show coverage that you won’t catch anywhere else.  At this moment, you can catch images from last weekend’s MCAAC Swap Meet & Car Show.  Just Click Here to see the great deals you missed, and the awesome rides that showed up to catch them.

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It’s Here!


I just got a phone call this morning from the good folks at Friesen’s printing (the great people putting the book to paper) that a truck has just left the plant to drop off the finished product.  In other words, the book is finally available!

If you want to be one of the first proud owners of a copy, leave a message below and I’ll email you back right away.  Delivery times may vary, as I will officially be more busy than a one-legged man at a butt-kicking contest.  However, if you want to look before you leap, keep it tuned to this website, or subscribe to my Twitter feed (just to the right) and you’ll be kept in the loop as to when & where the book pops up.  And now, back to our regularly scheduled hot rodding…


Class of 2009-first sneak preview

As many of you probably know, this blog is about to release its first book-again.  That’s a long story, but the moral is that it’s coming, and coming soon.

The book is about cars, but if you’ve spent more than 30 seconds on this site you’ve probably got that figured already.  If you’re a little dense to realize this, you may want to consider a career in Chrysler’s management.  Just sayin’.

To give you a better idea of what the book will look like, we’ll be posting pictures from the book over the next few weeks-both those that made it and those that didn’t make the cut (A few lucky purchasers will get these pictures, but more about that later).  It’s not just to kill space while I don’t have time to write here (I don’t) but it’s also a chance to read the book before it comes out.  More pictures will also appear on the Facebook page, so sign up for that if you want to get in on it.

Speaking of pictures, here’s the first one, right on the first page:

Class of 2009-pg1

That’s it for now, but come back soon to see more of the book before anyone else does!

Don’t remember the first version of the book?  Click here to find out how that went down.  Or for a less confusing story, check out Clarence Zabolotny’s Ford lead sled…


It’s all about “Class of 2009”

So after all of my excessive bitching and bragging about writing a book for our cruising scene, “Class of 2009” is finally available to purchase online.  Seventy-six pages, all full-colour, and (almost) all featuring sweet machines from across the province of Manitoba (and one from Ontario).

Lucky Devils Car Club

Now, there’s a lot of great hot rodding books out there.  Speed Kings by Dirk Belhau is the first one that pops into my mind.  There’s also big, impressive glossy productions from Discovery Channel superstars like Chip Foose, Biker Billy Lane, Orange County Choppers, and the late Boyd Coddington.  They all have beautiful photography, great essays and articles, and lots of insights into the cars, trucks, and bikes that you’ll never get to drive.

That’s the big difference between Class of 2009 and your typical hot rodding books.  The cars featured on the pages of Sunday Cruise Fever’s first book has cars that you can drive, because they are the cars that you drive.  They’re your rat rods, your roadsters, your muscle cars, and even (gasp!) your Honda Civics*.  They’re what you drive to work, drive to school, and drive to cruise nights and car shows in.  They’re the cars that you found in back yards and scrap metal piles, turning them into heavenly (or hellish) machines.

"Godzilla" Ford Torino

The point is, this isn’t a book about Duane the asshole shop foreman, or Mikey the funny slacker.  We don’t need to pay for a book about these people, we’re already paid to put up with them at work.  What you deserve is a book about the car that’s within your grasp, just a few more weekends away from being turned into the bitchin’ rides that you want to be seen in.

1968 "Dukes of Hazard" Dodge Charger

So what about the book, then?

Like I said, 76 pages, full colour, and available in paperback or hardcover.  There’s pictures of every kind of car and truck, from an all-original Model T to a prototype ’09 Dodge Charger.  And there’s more than just the cars-the entire first chapter looks at the people and the community that’s been built up around the local hot rodding scene.  Even the bikes are covered, with images of Uncle D’s airbrushed wonders to Rolly’s VolkSuzukiWagen.  Hell, if you’re reading this, there’s a 1 in 5 chance that your ride is in the book.

It’s available now on the publisher’s website, for a measly $29.99 (yes, that’s US dollars) plus shipping.  If you want it by Christmas, order soon-the final deadline to get it by courier isn’t far away.  And if you don’t get it by Santa Day, let me know and I’ll send you something to unwrap on Christmas morning. 

T Bucket

*Yes, there’s one picture of a Honda Civic.  But just one.  Seriously.  I promise.


Free Wallpaper Friday #7

Well, OK, so Free Wallpaper Friday is supposed to happen on Friday, not Saturday after I get home from work.  My deepest apologies to anyone who was waiting for this, and I hope you weren’t too put out by it.  Unfortunately, that’s the downside of trying to meet deadlines for big projects like the first Sunday Cruise Fever book.  Which, by the way, will feature cars like this trio of vintage Datsuns:


1280×768, optimized for widescreen monitors



1024×768, optimized for regular monitors

They’re not as pricey as a big ol’ 60’s musclecar, but they’re even more awesome in the minds of the owners (and probably in the minds of other Datsun enthusiasts, too).  They’re probably a lot more rare, given that there’s only a handful of these amongst the dozens of Dodges, Oldsmobiles, Fords, Chevys, etc., that roam our streets in summertime.

But the best part of these three Datsuns?  They’ll be appearing in Class of 2008.  It’s available online starting December 1st, featuring hundreds of gorgeous cars, trucks, and bikes in full colour.  And not just Datsuns, either.  Everything from Jimmy Genakis’ ’76 Cadillac Eldorado, to huge 4×4’s, to a prototype Dodge Charger.  There’s even information on the featured rides-who owns them, who built them, and what makes them go.

That’s it for today, but come back Tuesday for more awesome pictures, and maybe a story or two out of the book.  ‘Till then, keep it shiny side up!

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