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Random Thursday-Home Built Hybrid edition

According to a recent review by Jeremy Clarkson, the new Honda Insight still blows goats.

Three baby goats.  Honda's Insight blows goats.  Coincidence?(not pictured:  Honda hybrid car’s optional goat blowing attachment)

The amazing part of this crappy car is that none of it is really new technology.  Granted, there’s apparently some sort of newfangled “tree” that grows more leaves as you drive slower and slower.  Well, that and growing middle fingers in your rear-view mirror from all the traffic you’re holding up as you crawl along the road.

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Cars that excite us!

So I got talking with one of my co-workers today, and he mentioned something interesting:

“Yeah, I’m waiting on that new Dodge electric thing, the EV it’s called? Yeah, I’d drive one of those.”

This is the same guy who keeps a poster of a Ford V8 engine behind his desk, and he’s holding out for this electric car?


Image courtesy of Dodge

Yes, it’s awesome, and I’d kill to have one myself.  No, seriously-I would kill for this car.  All I need is a name, although I do expect payment of one prototype Dodge upfront.  Some help getting blood off the upholstery would be appreciated as well.

The point I’m getting at is that this car’s happy-hippy go-go Mother Nature environmental friendliness isn’t what made my co-worker lust after its yellow paint.  What made him want the car is the fact that it’s a good looking sports coupe that goes like stink.  More importantly, it looks like an awesome freakin’ car.  It’s not a cardboard box, it’s not some experimental swoopy thing that invokes the spirits of a senior executive who put his department’s budget up his nose, and it doesn’t try to look like an old car.  The design is original and fresh, and it has the ability to keep up to the demands it sets for itself.

Now, just imagine if all the vehicles that GM produced were like this?  They all had original, fresh designs that inspired people to come down and take a look.  Nothing is re-hashed (unless it’s seriously worth re-hashing) and nothing is re-badged from another department or manufacturer.  Just imagine what the domestic car maker’s world would be like if the legendary Saab didn’t try to pass off a Subaru Impreza as the Saab 9-2x luxury car (or at least put some effort into covering it up better).  Would they be in so much trouble if they could just put some imagination and a little excitement into the cars?  Actually yeah, they probably would be.

Don’t get me wrong;  their problems are not entirely their own doing.  From what I see, pre-existing market forces in the commodity sectors lead them to a point of weakness, at which point they were bombarded with a banking system unwilling to finance their customer’s purchases (no, SUV’s didn’t cause this-now shut up you f****ing hippie).  But, if they could just have built more vehicles that excited us, maybe they would have been in a stronger competitive position that would have kept them afloat through this.  Just a thought….

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