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1955 Dodge Custom Royal Lancer Convertible

Ever have one of those cars that keeps breaking down, no matter how many times you restore it?  Rebuild the engine, the transmission blows.  Replace the rearend gears, and the driveshaft U-joints wear out.  Every time you fix it, you think “that’s it, it’s all done, it’s ready to rock cruise night,” just in time to have something else snap.

Chrysler owns one of those companies.

As anyone who doesn’t live under a rock knows, Chrysler was recently “saved” by President Obama’s help (and money).  Before that, it was “saved” by Daimler-Benz.  Before that, it was “saved” by the Intrepid sedan.  Before that, it was “saved” by Lee Iacoca and the K-car/minivan.

1955 Dodge Custom Royal Lancer ConvertibleThis is the Dodge Custom Royal Convertible, a.k.a, “The Lancer.”  It was the highest trim level available, and was also the most rare.  This particular specimen is only one of six allowed into Canada with its Super Red Ram Hemi engine.  Of course, back in those days they didn’t call it a Hemi.  The 270-cubic inch V8 had a double rocker shaft, so old guys like your Grandpa called it a “double rocker.”  While pushing this car to school.  Uphill.  Both ways.  In a snowstorm.

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Gimli Swap Meet & more Gauthier Auto Museum

Before we get on with the bitchin’ ride pictures, I’d like to point out that the March/April issue of Canadian Hot Rod & Classic Magazine is on the newstands. If you’re reading this in Winnipeg, I’ve confirmed that Chapters at St. Vital had a whole pile of copies last week. But don’t let that lull you into thinking there’s time to pick it up–the last issue sold out in less than a week last time. Pretend it’s a bonspiel and hurry hard to pick it up before it’s gone!

* * *

Although most celebrity guests turned them down, “Cesna Stuntplane Barbie” flew in for the Gimli Car Club’s first annual swap meet.

Despite the sudden dip in temperature (the first non-top-down weather in a week) the show appeared to be a success. There were lots of goodies to be had, including this rare gem: a 3-carb setup for an early 60’s 6-cylinder, complete with linkages and Edelbrock intake manifold.

3-Carb system for 6-cylinder Ford

The parking lot turned into an impromptu car show, with many of the buyers (and exhibitors) driving their best set of wheels to the show. One standout included this beastly bug:

Bad-Ass Beetle

If you were lucky enough to be there, too, leave a comment and tell us about your experience!

* * *

Gauthier Auto Museum, Part 2:

Three Fine 50's Rides

As I mentioned last week, red convertibles seem to be a common theme at the Gauthier Auto Museum. If you look really close, you can see three of them in this artsy-fartsy photo–a ’53 Cadillac, a ’58 Impala, and an early 50’s Packard.

'71 Dodge Charger R/T Convertible

Of course, the other group are the vintage Dodge musclecars. This sparkling-clean ’70 Charger R/T convertible bridges the gap between the Buddy Holly-era red droptops and the classic Mopar muscle waiting in this basement. Why? Because like Chuck Norris, vintage power like this does not sleep-it waits.

Ron, the official mechanic of the Gauthier Auto Musuem

Although it’s Jim “The Big Guy” Gauthier that finds these cars, it’s Ron (pictured) that does the dirty work. His full-time job is to take these rare jewels and restore them to their original glory. He’s pictured here with their next wunder-ride: a 1955 Dodge Lancer convertible powered by a very early Hemi. The car is undergoing a full frame-off restoration, including a nifty off-pink paint job. A fitting retirement for one of only six Lancers allowed into Canada.

That’s it for this week–come back Wednesday to see what’s up this weekend, and maybe even a few more sweet sets of wheels!

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